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I look forward to working alongside the residents of Ward 5 to preserve the high quality of life that we have come to expect. I will work to ensure that we remain one of the safest places to live-in the region and beyond, with good roads, excellent parks and amenities.


Develop and maintain our infrastructure

Reliable Infrastructure is not just a symbol of progress it is the backbone of the modern world. The proper funding and maintenance of our aging infrastructure is critical. According to the infrastructure advisory board’s report, we will need 28.5 million dollars a year of additional revenue just to achieve “good” conditions on our aging infrastructure. While our infrastructure needs include bridges, traffic signals, and stormwater, it is estimated that 22.5 of the 28 million dollars of additional revenue needed will have to go just to manage our streets. 

I am dedicated to the Implementation of our infrastructure advisory board recommendations and taking every practical measure available to us in favor of reducing our reliance on chipseal. 

Addressing all our complicated infrastructure needs is going to be a process not an event. I am committed to the process and to finding practical and timely solutions to our grievances with chipseal.


Promote a prosperous business climate

Economic development brings revenue to our city and lightens the tax burden on residents. To attract new employers, we need to create energetic work environments surrounded by communal gathering spaces and eclectic dining options. Attracting talent, growing local businesses, and recruiting new companies that will provide high paying jobs is critical to maintaining our high quality of life. To remain competitive, we need to showcase our unique value, aesthetic, and cultural assets. 


Ensure responsive constituent services for residents

I am determined to improve our quality of life at the neighborhood level. This means we need to improve our capacity to provide more constituent services that connect citizens with the services they seek. It’s vital that the city respond to citizen complaints and requests for information in a timely manner. 



Preserve the beauty and aesthetics of our community 

A community should have personality, energy, and vibrance. It takes smart management and thoughtful investments to transform a city into a place that is convenient, dynamic, and prosperous while still retaining its character and beauty.

  Clean streets, the availability of green spaces, and the overall aesthetic of our architecture are essential to maintaining the visual appeal of our city.  A beautiful city promotes a sense of community pride and civic engagement, which leads to stronger social connections and a more cohesive society. 


Prioritize public safety and security

For our considerable size, Overland Part is considered a low-crime city. But public safety is more than just statistics and objective data relative to the national average. We do not just need to be safe; we need to also feel truly safe.
The latest transparency measures taken by the Overland Park Police Department has helped to advance this priority by putting the same technology used by law enforcement, to analyze and interpret crime activity, into the hands of the public. The Overland Park police department has partnered with many local police departments to share crime data on the Community Crime Map that any resident can access directly from their inbox. 
Crime mapping helps us get a better idea of the crime activity in our area so we can make more informed decisions about how to stay safe. In addition to community crime mapping, I believe it’s important that our public safety departments are not only adequately staffed but that they continue to have access to world class equipment and training. 

Candidate Survey

You can learn more about me through the candidate survey sponsored by the Public Policy Council, which has been helping us make informed decisions in Johnson county elections for years. 

Shawnee Mission Post Forum

Watch the video from the Shawnee Mission Post to watch the video. My opponent and I respond to key questions facing Overland Park.


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